Wondering About God?
Have you ever wondered about God?  I mean really wondered about him?  ...That's good because that means you have begun a spiritual journey and you have a sincere desire to find God.  So as you are wondering about God, you may be relieved and excited to discover that God has provided several ways for us to learn more about him.  Besides this, God promises us that "everyone who seeks will find (Matt. 7:8)."  You can depend on that!
One of those ways is that God has revealed himself to us is through his Son, Jesus.  Jesus said that he and God are One and that if you have seen him, then you have seen God.  The best way to learn about God then is to learn about Jesus by reading about his life in the Bible.  Open up your mind to learn more about God.
Another way that God reveals himself is through his actions.  One of the greatest things God reveals is that He is Love.  God loves you and me so much that he acted by sending Jesus to earth to give his life for us.  Jesus said that no one can prove his love in any better way than by laying his life down for them.  Open up your heart, let God's love touch you deep inside and invite him into your life.
Finally, one of the most important ways to learn about God is by talking to him and getting to know him.  Can you imagine trying to get to know someone but never even talking to them?  Praying (talking with God) is crucial to someone wondering about God.  It's the best way to get to know him personally.  You may be surprised to learn that God is longing to talk with you.  Open up your spirit and discover that God wants to know you and that he is vitally concerned for you.
Here at Living Hope we are on the same journey as you are.  We want to know more about God and grow in relationship with Him.  Our quest for meaning has brought us into relationship with Jesus Christ.  You will find that while our lives aren't perfect, they have changed for the better!  We have found that our relationship with Jesus has given us purpose and hope for the future!  It would be our delight if you would join with us as we pursue a meaningful relationship with God.  Together, we can discover answers to our questions as well as an exciting relationship with our creator!